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Winter skin (so dry!) and what to do about it.

Winter is coming. These are our words here in the North. Game of Thrones enthusiasts will know these words. But we all know Winter is already here isn't it?

Thankfully Everett Washington is not experiencing the harsh cold-snap of the Mid-West but we do have troubles of our own. Dry skin! Have you been keeping up with a good skin regimen routine and still showing dry-ness? SAME!

Its time to switch it up a bit!

In the winter should I exfoliate? Some say to skip this step but Aveda’s Manager of Professional Skin and Spa Education, Helga Hefner says to keep it up-just not too aggressively. Using a liquid exfoliant instead of one with any micro-beads is a great start. Not to mention that the aroma of our liquid exfoiliant is AH-mazing. If you are still feeling dry, try to reduce your exfoiliation step by half.

Don't forget the rest of you! Exfoliating your body will help with dry legs and arms as well. Try the Rosemary Mint Body Polish in the shower. Its invigorating aroma will help you conquer the world! Or at least the day!

Do you need to pick up a few things for things to get you through? We have a full AVEDA retail shop here on Everett Mall Way. Stop into the salon and grab some AVEDA hydrating treatment lotion! To use just press it in with your fingers or cotton-round. This time of year its best to switch any gel cleansers to a cream based cleanser! We can help you choose the best for your skin type.

In Washington its often rainy and cold in the first part of the year, but we do suggest avoiding hot showers or hot baths. We know those long steamy baths seem so inviting after a long PNW day but it will end up drying out our skin more, so save them for Spring! Using a warmer temperature (not hot) during your wash will save you from itchy dryness.

Hydration can also be locked in by using a body oil all over. We recommend AVEDAs Beautyfying Composition Oil! Your regular moisturizer will pair nicely with these new steps, just make sure to apply it generously morning and night!

Mom is always after us to make sure we drink plenty of water and if we want hydrated skin we should listen! 8 cups a day darling.

Do not forget to use a lip balm as well. Chapped lips do not need to be the calling card of winter. AVEDA Lip Saver is our go-to all year 'round!

Its always recommended to come into the spa and receive and AVEDA facial-and we have a deal for you! Until March 2nd 2019 Selene, our esto is offering 60 minute Elemental Nature facials for half-price! That is just $40 folks!

Contact us with any questions regarding facials or dry skin. We will make it through this long winter-- then we will be back with summer skin tips!

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