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Its a BROW time! AVEDAs new Brow Definers!

Unless you have been stuck on a remote island somewhere, you have seen the new BROW CRAZE that has taken over the beauty industry. We are guilty of watching brow tutorials, researching micro-blading ( and trying each new gel, paste or pencil on the market. UNTIL NOW! The new Brow Definers are in stock here at the shop and they were worth the wait!


"The new Aveda Brow Definer provides blendable color, slanted edge technology and a built-in spooley brush. It’s an all-in-one pencil that outlines, fills and blends. 

The result? Natural, beautiful brows with instant definition and fullness."

The new Brow Definers come in 4 mistake proof shades. They are 100% naturally derived. $24

"Here’s what we love about it:

• Its consistency: Brow Definer’s 100% naturally derived* formula made with plant waxes and minerals strike a happy texture balance— not too creamy and not too hard. Buh-bye, pencil-and-wax combo!

• Its dual application: It features a tip that outlines and shapes brows and a flat edge that fills them. Whether you want to mimic the appearance of brow hairs for a natural look or add depth to create a more bold look, a shift of the pencil can do just that.

• Its innovative design: The spooley end provides the width and firmness needed to seamlessly blend color."



Synthetic color


Animal by-products



Mineral oil


Formaldehyde donor

Plastic pencils

Getting brows that wow doesn’t require an inordinate number of products and steps. Brow Definers are your one-stop shop for creating boast-worthy brows in a simple, three-step process:

1 SHAPE the top and bottom of the brows. Brush the brows down with the spooley end of the Brow Definer. Using feather-light pressure, trace the outline of the top of the brow with the tip of the brow pencil. Brush the brows up, and trace the outline of the bottom of the brow.

2 FILL in the defined brow shape and build color with the flat edge of the brow pencil.

3 BLEND and groom the brows with the spooley end of the Brow Definer for a defined, natural brow.

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