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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Which usually means its crazy-busy and it can be very stressful! You want to be the coolest, funnest holiday darling so we wanted share some of our tips on how to get it all done without coming un-done!

The first tip is a 2-for. Gifting meaningful items that wont break the bank. Don't blow your budget on "filler" gifts. Choose meaningful smaller gifts for your loved ones! Take a moment to sit down with some AVEDA tea (oh, you need some... we got you!) and write a thoughtful list.

Who am I buying for?

What is my budget for this individual? Oh! Here is our first tip!


Sticking to a budget will allow you to enjoy shopping and take financial stress away.

What are their values? Interests? Hobbies? Quirks?

What is something that I admire about this person?

How can a gift incorporate those answers?


Shopping smaller boutiques and stores will allow you to find impactful fun items that are not mass marketed to millions! How cool are you? Try downtown Snohomish! @thechicboatique and @mapleandmoss are 2 of our favorite women owned small business! Check them out!

Our next tip includes more lists.

We love lists so get your pen and paper out.


Hosting can be daunting if we do not plan.

Clean the house. You know the way Mom made us before a party.

Decorate simply- only put out items that bring you joy. Shout out to Marie Kondo!

Plan an achievable menu that will allow you to enjoy your time with your guests. Check put Pioneer woman! How fun is she?

Make your hair appointment (we got you on that of course!).

Dress your best dazzling because-im-comfortable-and-fashionable self.

ENJOY your guests.

Our second to last tip is also about holiday parties!


Do not show up empty handed. Flowers, wine, AVEDA candles (yup--we have some amazing ones) or Tea are amazing, simple gifts. Try not to drink too much. You want to enjoy yourself of course but did you really want to sing that Karaoke song?

Write an actual for real in the snail mail Thank You card. How darling of you!

And finally, the most important tip of all.


This time of year comes with a lot of added expectation that we put on ourselves. Planning and being intentional about our days will help, but schedule time to unwind. Take a walk, enjoy your family, get a massage, pick up that little something just for you. You deserve it.

We hope these little tips will help you during the holi-daze.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Bella Dolche Salon and Spa. We are so excited to celebrate the roaring 20's with you Bella babes. The coolest, funnest 2020 darlings!

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